Getting side-tracked


Procrastination is my forté, and that is in full force today. I’m going to start with a line I find hilarious…from a Buzzfeed article. Still.

Jillette argued that the occasional misstep was a small price to honor the principle of artistic freedom and access, for women as well as men. “I have a 9-year-old daughter, and it’s really important to me that she read Ulysses. I don’t want there to be a rule that there is a certain kind of language used for women, and a certain kind used for men. That’s appalling. That patronizing of women is despicable. I don’t want women to be robbed of literature.”

It’s from an article on misogyny in the atheist movement (found here: I just, seriously? This guy thinks that Ulysses is an example of masculine writing? It may be written by James Joyce, but the stream-of-consciousness method and just so many other features are indicative of proto-écriture féminine. As well as, of course, the infamous ending. Aside from that, the rest of the paragraph is just ridiculous. There is a big difference a) between calling a woman a bitch and calling a man a bitch; and b) between profanity and literature. Yes, of course, literature can include profanity. But insulting someone is not literature, and refraining from insulting someone is not robbing them of literature! Also, I have this vision in my head now of him making his young daughter plow through Ulysses, which I’m sure most literature students would agree qualifies as torture. And I’m saying as someone writing (and supposed to currently be working on) a thesis on Joyce.

I started reading The King in Yellow yesterday, and I’m nearly finished. I am one of the sad breed who only started reading it because the first season of True Detective was awesome, but I am absolutely in love with it. The writing is amazing, I love the settings–Bohemian Paris, and a dystopian New York–and the characters really stick with you. As of course, does the horror of the play. It’s a brilliant mix of the supernatural, the fantastical, and the mundane that’s just compelling. I’m giving myself permission to read it to my heart’s content because I will have to write a short story for Creative Writing class at some point this semester, and this counts as studying, right? Anyone? Bueller?


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I'm a final year student, studying English and French, having taken the long way round to get there (even if I'm still only 24). This blog was originally started as a class assignment, though I'm quickly finding it an excellent procrastination tool! Definite updates: Mondays on French class, and Tuesdays on Creative Writing class. Scattered updates throughout the rest of the week. Je suis étudiante de lettres, dans l'année finale, ayant pris une trotte d'y arriver! J'ai 23 ans. Nouveaux posts: le lundi sur cours de français, le mardi sur cours d'écriture créative. Posts épars tout au long de la semaine.

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