Addition of creative writing


I’m also going to use this blog to keep a record of my creative writing classes. They’ll be in a separate category to the French classes, just to keep everything organised!

We did two exercises today: one group, and one solo. The group exercise was a blind round robin on the topic of autumn. The solo exercise was about finding your voice as a writer.

My voice is the sound of
silence in the classroom as the teacher
drops a pen and the children don’t dare move.
It’s the sound of sniggers
slowly building after the fall
of a pompous arsehole.
My voice is loud, like Moses, like
Áonghus, calling through mountains.
It’s the crash of the Bull of Táin.
It’s the roar of the sea and the sussuration
of the reeds on the bank of the river Shannon
as he kneels on one knee: yes, she says,
yes I will yes.

We were encouraged to keep either a notebook or journal for the class, to help us in week thirteen with writing a reflection on the writing process, with a focus on how ours has developed through the semester. Since that’s very similar to what I’m doing for French on this blog, it makes sense to combine the two.


About finalyearfrench

I'm a final year student, studying English and French, having taken the long way round to get there (even if I'm still only 24). This blog was originally started as a class assignment, though I'm quickly finding it an excellent procrastination tool! Definite updates: Mondays on French class, and Tuesdays on Creative Writing class. Scattered updates throughout the rest of the week. Je suis étudiante de lettres, dans l'année finale, ayant pris une trotte d'y arriver! J'ai 23 ans. Nouveaux posts: le lundi sur cours de français, le mardi sur cours d'écriture créative. Posts épars tout au long de la semaine.

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